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by xPerimenta, February 11, 2018

The place to connect with AOM fans!
Universidad Age of Mythology

Hey guys!, Welcome to the new community for Age of Mythology gamers! in a fresh, clean and renewed site with a lot of features:
  1. Search and download AOM replays
  2. Share your mods, strategies and discuss with another players about the game
  3. Watch, switch and chat between the top AOM live streamers at home page with one click
  4. Create and moderate, or compete in events: Single elimination and Round Robin (more modes coming) to win favors or real money, up in the leaderboard!
  5. Create a clan to compete in clan events and battles!
  6. Create teams to play together with your friends in team events.
  7. Battles! Fight 1v1 with another clan or player to win favors.
  8. Get badges from the community for your replays uploaded, get "favor" and win a position as "Replay of the Week".
  9. Site optimized for mobile.
All this in a points system (favors) to compete each others to get the leaderboard :D !


Universidad Age of Mythology was funded in 2014 by me with the idea of create a new way to expose this awesome and epic game as i never saw a place to share AOM (contrary to content properly imo: old sites and content spread in several site without a goal. No one site exclusive for aom players where can find all age of mythology content with a fresh design, where new players can see that AOM is still alive where newbies can find content to improve theirs skills and in this way grow! because just a group of expert players chating about who is the better there are not suficient to create a community. 

So that same year i started the project in my free time to achieve this goal or at least do my bit. I opened a youtube channel in spanish to promote the game with basics guides, tips and  technical support especial for begginers with good content and visual elements. ... ExzYi2UVvQ

As the channel was growing  i created a fanpage to post the news and memes from community

But after that i noticed we did need a space where players can share content so i created a group named "Age of Mythology archives"to share any kind of aom file and the same time to help to solve technical issues by me. Also with the time the group has been growing and many players started to help each others.

And a English channel ... QfS-pyUXxA

Tho there was some features that i wanted to implement and facebook groups didnt have it specially about language :( , so at january 2017 i started the site develop to bring together all aom players! I hope your colaboration uploading new content and grow this new aom community. have fun!

Made with love!
:ra:  Any bug let me know here please 

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Are any of the community links and handouts Ive done rescued form the old site?

If not Ill start to retype them if needed


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its written in the bible.
Matthew 23:13 "and the trader hath casteth bulk trader at the young age of 14. and it was good. and so he hath an extra 260 comp lit and he hath equippeth better ncus. and it was good too.

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Great job. I love the floor plan and the whole feel, so to speak, of this lot. The circle window is awesome. Thank you.

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A big part of the reason I joined a sorority is because I wanted to make time to do community service and philanthropy, so it never feels like I HAVE to do anything.

I do wish I had more time to volunteer for more, but Ill be looking into stuff when I graduate in May. Any suggestions?

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