Looks awesome

by DoD_J4Jc3, November 1, 2017

The place to connect with AOM fans!
The site looks awesome Mael, great job! :D 👍

A few things to improve maybe:

- I don't like the smileys, they don't seem to fit with the site.
- Tab 'Poll creation' sounds weird, you can also just put 'Poll'.
- On the community tab, there is an icon missing for 'Maps'
- You have 'Upload replay' on the top right but why not also 'New topic' next to it.

Other than that, the replay uploader looks amazing, especially the map lay out in 3D, I'm really impressed. You should do some advertising of the site on rtss and also on your FB page, this could be the new hub to post replays.

Great job!

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